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Driving Lessons

There are a range of driving lessons and courses available to suit your needs, whether you’re a beginner, have a little experience or have already passed your practical driving test.

All courses are structured and planned to get you on the road as quickly and confidently, but as safely, as possible. Your progress will be constantly monitored and as your skill level increases, mock tests will be carried out. Mock tests can be informal to identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus further tuition, or more formal to assess your readiness to take the test and get you used to test conditions. This includes the independent driving section as well as the traditional manoeuvres.

Whatever the type of course you’re looking for, lessons are available on weekdays, evenings & weekends and your pick-up location can be flexible, provided that it is within our teaching area.

Dual Controls

Ensuring your safety while you get to grips with driving a car.

Manual Gearbox

Learning in a manual gives you more flexibility after you pass.

Air Conditioning

Allowing you to stay cool behind the wheel even when it's hot.

Full Hour Lessons

One-on-one tuition and no car sharing with other pupils, giving you our absolute attention and maintaining your privacy at all times.

Block Discounts

Costs vary depending on the type of course, with discounts available for advance block bookings for an individual pupil.

Gift Vouchers

Looking for a present for family or friends?
Why not help give the gift of a skill that will benefit their future and last a lifetime. Gift vouchers are available either for a monetary value or for a fixed number of lessons.

Car Steering Wheel

New Driver Lessons

For Beginners & New Learners

Standard or semi-intensive courses are available, personalised to your requirements. Your instructor will maintain a discussion with as you progress. Costs vary depending on type of course and location. Discounts are available for block bookings: advance payment for a fixed number of lessons.

Car Manual Gearstick

Refresher Lessons

For Lapsed or Nervous Drivers

Bespoke courses for anyone who has already passed their driving test but needs extra help to build confidence in a particular skill or has returned to driving after a break and needs a brush-up. Length of course can be discussed between the instructor and pupil. Cost will depend on the number of hours agreed.

Pass Plus Driving Course logo

Pass Plus Course

For Drivers Who Passed Recently

Aimed at new drivers to build experience and confidence on the road. The course has six modules, such as dealing with hazards and different road types & conditions. Length & cost may vary depending on your existing level of experience. This certification can also reduce the cost of motor insurance with some insurers.

Local Map and Driving Licence

UK Familiarisation

For Foreign Experienced Drivers

This course is for those who need to familiarise themselves with the UK roads and regulations. For non-EU drivers or those not from a designated country, this gives you experience on our roads and prepares you to take the UK practical test, but can still be useful for anyone who passed their test outside of the UK.

Lesson Prices

Our prices represent a balance of our expertise, quality and costs, while offering our pupils value for money over the full course of their driving education.

Flexible - Pay per Lesson

Individual Lessons

£38 per hour

Commit - Pay in Advance

Block Discount

£360 for 10 hours

Additional Charge

Driving Test Car Hire

£90 fee

Due to the continued increase in the cost of living, these new prices apply from 1st March 2024, our first increase since November 2022, however in support of our local community we have still kept them as competitive as possible, including maintaining the discount on our block of 10 hours compared to the hourly pay-per-lesson rate.

Please note that hours purchased as part of a block discount must be used within 6 months, are non-refundable and may not be reserved to be used for the driving test.

All prices remain fixed throughout a pupil’s course of lessons except in exceptional circumstances.

Demand for our lessons means that we can often have limited availability, especially at popular times of the day, but we are able to put new pupils on our waiting list to secure priority when available.

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